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Narayani Opening Day Celebration Dec 27th 2011

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December 27th 2011 was perhaps the Nepal Schools Trust’s proudest day yet , being invited to Narayani Primary School to celebrate the opening of a new building and a filtered water system that donors, kids in UK and the Trust had helped to fund.

A brand new 3 classroom building awaiting the opening ceremony.
Don McLeod, new trustee, had brought his wife and three boys all the way from Rowlands Gill in Tyne & Wear, along with their aunt and uncle and three cousins.

L to R Robbie, aged 11, William, aged 9 and Ben, aged 11, of the McLeod family almost buried in garlands known as “malla” which are the Nepali form of greeting special guests. Mandy, John and Murray Peden sit behind.

Pupils, parents and other members of the community all turned out for the special day and there was a real party atmosphere at the school.

The children of the school put on a series of wonderful dances and songs.

Next Ben and William performed the official opening of the new building which was substantially funded by the wonderful generosity of Claire, nee Browne, and Dave McCraw from Scotland who asked their wedding guests to donate to this building project through Nepal Schools Trust in place of wedding gifts.

To rapturous applause all round…….

Robbie McLeod then performed the opening of the new filtered water system that had been installed by the Trust’s efforts, making use of funds raised by Don McLeod’s sponsored cycle ride from Lands End to John 0 Groats and the community of Rowlands Gill Primary School in UK.

Vicki McLeod, proudly takes pictures as Robbie is testing the water.

William McLeod with two of the school’s teachers.

The water filter, is protected inside a locked cublicle, so that it is operated by the school only.

Inside is an industrial standard filtration machine that takes the normal water supply and….

………..and can deliver 600 litres of cystal clear filtered water in an hour.

The event proceeded with speeches and more dancing, here Chris Dickinson and Mukunda Raj Shrestha are enjoying the spectacle

Vicki McLeod presented the school with a display and other items from Rowlands Gill Primary School, including profiles from a class of pupils, written by the pupils themselves. We hope that Rowlands Gill and Narayani Schools will enjoy their contact with each other.

The whole of the visiting party, L to R Vicki McLeod in front of four teachers, including Sabitri Lamsal next to William McLeod, father Don behind him, Jamie Peden, Chris Dickinson with Murray Peden behind him, Robbie McLeod with John Peden behind him, Ben McLeod, Mandy and Callum Peden and finally Resham Bahadur Ranabhat, the Head Teacher.

A wonderful day and thanks once again to Claire and Dave, all their friends and family who helped and everyone at Rowlands Gill who helped make this day become a reality for the community at Narayani Primary School.

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