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Dibyajoti Lower Secondary Building progress

Posted by: In: Building 05 May 2012 Comments: 0

 Nepal Schools Trust gave some additional funds last November to Dibyajoti LSS to continue finishing work on their new building.  This photo taken this week shows that much of the external plastering is now complete with carpentry work remaining.  This building has been a long time coming.  All rooms are now in use which has taken nearly 4 years to achieve, following the collapse of an older adobe building during one of the monsoons. We are delighted for the school that the project is nearly finished and proud to have helped, albeit with two relatively small grants compared to the overall budget for the building construction.  The substantial foundation and structure will allow Dibyajoti to build further storeys at a much lower cost in the future.  It is in effect the ground floor of the future main school building.  Well done to everyone involved.

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