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Manakamana building project.

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The Trust has recently received details from Manakamana Primary School of the estimates for a new building that is needed very urgently.  Currently the school has four classes in a temporary bamboo, grass and mud structure on land not owned by the school.  The school advises that they have secured a piece of land for a substantive building.  We will endeavour to assist the school with their plans by seeking donations.  The school is looking for approximately 1 million, eight hundred thousand Nepal Rupees (approx £15,000) and hopes it can raise about £4,000 locally.  They have asked Nepal Schools Trust for £11,000.
The estimate for the new school building project and below, the temporary bamboo and grass structure that was erected last year to alleviate the acute accommodation shortage

 The temporary building seen adjacent to the school.  Below the committed pupils are not fazed by the conditions in which they have to study, but they deserve better.

Year before last we gave the school funds to equip the nursery class.  The school spent the funds very wisely and now have a lovely teaching area for nursery children.

Local carpenter was engaged to make furniture, giving a local family employment  and an income.
Last year we gave the school enough funds for one community rate teacher.  Now it is time to try and help this school to address its accommodation crisis.

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