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Jana Jyoti Model Girls High School in Pragatinagar is not just for girls!  There is a specialist unit within the school for 42 deaf students. boys and girls, who receive wonderful support and education within classes and also practically learning crafts and farming skills.  Without the benefit of western child assessment these students have never had their hearing potential assessed.  We have found a possibility for this through an Australian charity, Hearing Project Nepal, who have set up an Auditory Assessment facility in Pokhara, and are offering free assessments.  This appeal is to raise £500 to cover the costs of taking all the students there to see and understand a little of their country, and discover if any of them could benefit from the use of hearing aids. 

Above is a photograph of some of the children with their teachers and carers receiving gifts brought by a family of Canadians who visited our project in Nepal.  Any help for this trip for these children will be very gratefully received.

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