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Cameron and Gosforth Scouts help out

Posted by: In: Volunteers 26 Aug 2012 Comments: 0

Cameron Hamilton, who with his family visited Nepal and Pragatinagar at Easter 2012, has been working with the Gosforth Scouts to raise funds to help roof and improve a small Medical Centre being built by volunteers opposite the Primary Schools at Surya Kiran. 


The building is being constructed by the efforts of a community organisation called Shree Prithivi Samaj Sewa Club.  Essentially a social welfare club, they recognise that the local health worker has no facilities whatsoever and so over a number of years are trying to raise enough funds to complete a small Medical Centre with a consultation room and waiting area.  Nepal Schools Trust has just recently launched its own Health Education initiative and we are delighted to assist in the administration of a 50,000 Rupee grant (approx £400).  This grant will be used to roof and plaster the building and will hopefully encourage the community to move forward and complete the project.  A further £200 has been given to Nepal Schools Trust by the Scouts towards the Health Education initiative. Scherie Nicol, a volunteer for the Trust who is currently in Nepal, has been participating in a working group to draft materials for the initiative, to use in schools and the community.

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