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Health post opened by Trust

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The Prithivi Samaj Sewa Social Welfare Club, invited Chairman, Chris Dickinson, Secretary, Jackie Thomson and guests Jim Campbell and Jan Canning, to officiate at an opening of the health post facility that was part funded by Cameron Hamilton, his family and the West Gosforth Scouts.See a short film on vimeo about the opening day at this link.HEALTH CLUB OPENING DAY

The building at Easter 2012 when Cameron saw it.


Opening day



Many thanks to Cameron and the Scouts for their efforts.  The local community was deliriously happy that someone had helped along their project “out of the blue”.  So much so that they wanted to have an opening party and they had used the grant funds as a stepping stone to other local fund raising.

The health worker who will use the facility and has waited almost a decade, working without facilities, often from her own home, gave an emotional speech thanking the Trust and the donors for delivering what her own country had been unable to provide.

Deu Rupa, Health worker

Prior to the opening we were all treated to a wonderful lunch, served by ladies in traditional Magar dress.

Jan and Jackie with local girls


Jim Campbell

Jackie Thomson, Trust Secretary, cut the ribbon…………

and thereafter there was music, dancing, speeches and general merriment.

Nepal Schools Trust, and Jim Campbell, announced that they would give a further grant of 50,000 NRs.  This, the Club wanted to use to extend the building to an additional room.

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