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2012 Grant summary and report by Chairman

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I was in the village again this year as was Jackie Thomson and we witnessed the positive outcomes from the 2011 grants and were involved in a spate of “openings”, including water systems at Prithvi and Bhimsen, showers and toilets at Bhimsen, a health centre beside Surya Kiran Primary and last but not least the final opening of Milijuli Primary Schools new building.  You can read reports on all these elsewhere on this blog.

Chris Dickinson was paddling again in Nepal this year with Craig Burns and Henry Methold in Central Nepal, here heading to Mhadi Khola below Annapurna II, before heading to Nawalparasi.

2012 was an important year for Nepal Schools Trust.  It followed three successful years working with schools in Pragatinagar and Devchuli VDC’s and we wondered if we would be able to keep the momentum going in terms of fund raising and working towards wider improvements for kids.  In the event we need not have worried.  The 2012 grants came to £19,930, thanks in part to a large donation from the legacy of Catherine Searle and continued support from friends of the Trust. I would like to record our thanks to everyone who made the 2012 grants possible, both in Nepal and abroad.

The most exciting new developments this year were 17 further installations for filtered water for drinking; access for 44 primary teachers to high quality teacher training in child centred learning in Kathmandu through Nepal Schools Aid and hearing assessments and some treatments for the kids from the deaf unit.  The trust also supported three community projects this year in recognition of the work that community groups do in supporting schools and education generally.

Mukunda Raj Shrestha was engaged to project manage the 15 water installations and is working hard on this as I write, such that early in 2013 all the systems should be installed.

Chairman, Chris Dickinson, at Dibyajoti Secondary School in November 2012

The following is the list of grants made in 2012 totalling £19,930.

Bhimsen Secondary School       £500 Water filtration system
Bhimsen Secondary School       £160 Scholarships for kids
Bhimsen Secondary School       £750 New building contribution
Bhimsen Secondary School       £500 Community teacher salary
Prithvi Secondary School          £500 Water filtration system
Welfare Club                            £800 Building health/community post
Manakamana Primary School   £1400 New building contribution
All 16 Primary Schools            £1250 44 Teacher Training Course
Deaf Unit at Jana Jyoti MGSS    £500 Pokhara trip/hearing assessments
Deaf Unit at Jana Jyoti MGSS    £500 Protein in meals during 2013
Dibyajoti Secondary School       £750  Main building electrics
Amar Child Club                       £185 Club building for community use
Nepal Rastriya Primary School   £450 School boundary fence
Surya Kiran Primary School       £375 Teacher salary & 25 scholarships
Childrens Park Project               £185 Development of childrens’ park
Prithvi Secondary School           £600 Internal girls toilet and electrics
Milijuli Primary School                £75  Games equipment
15 additional schools             £10,000 Filtered water installations
All schools                               £450 Chalk with whiteboard replacements

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