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Angus climbs Everest and plans to bring play parks to Nepal for the Trust

Posted by: In: Fundraising 05 Apr 2013 Comments: 0

Angus Bruce Jones is currently away making his attempt to climb Everest.  As a way of giving back to Nepal, he has decided to launch a play-park project to take play park hardware to Nepal for installing in communities and schools there.  We at Nepal Schools Trust are collaborating with Angus to place some of these playparks in Devchuli and Pragatinagar VDCs. The equipment is manufactured by his brother at Caledonia Play in Scotland.www.caledoniaplay.com

If you would like to donate to this wonderful cause then you can make a donation to Nepal Schools Trust directly and mark your donation for Everest Play-Parks.  Go to this link to see details about donating.


More information about Angus’s climb can be found at:


and at


and also at Pahar Trust Nepal website, another charity with whom he is collaborating:


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