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Jim Campbell fund raising – Grand Lodge helps Trust

Posted by: In: Fundraising 02 May 2013 Comments: 0

Jim Campbell of Port Glasgow, third from left, following his visit to Nepal has been busy helping to raise funds for Nepal Schools Trust.  Here James Livingstone, Provincial Grand Master of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Renfrewshire West (second from right) presents a cheque from the local lodges to Chris Dickinson, Trust Chairman.  Chris travelled to Greenock for the occasion and received a warm welcome and gave a short presentation about the Trust.  Many thanks to everyone involved and in particular to Jim Campbell for his fine efforts.

Scholarships for kids from poor families at Surya Kiran primary School, (nursery class below with Jackie Thomson, Trustee)

Funds will go towards protein in the diet for the Profoundly Deaf Unit children in Pragatinagar, who live in the school at Jana Jyoti Model Girls school (below)

and further development of the health post and community ,meeting building across the road from the school, operated by the local social welfare club.

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