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On 21st and 22nd November, Chris Dickinson, Chairman, attended the last two days of a 5 day teacher training course in Kathmandu, delivered by the Nepali staff of Nepal Schools Aid, a small British charity with which we were collaborating. They provide quality training courses for Nepal teachers, delivered by high calibre Nepali tutors.  I can report that the course was very enjoyable and useful.

With Ladip-ma, an intern with Nepal Schools Aid, and her purple shawl, given by us as a thank you to each of the staff.

Nepal Schools Aid offered free places to 2 teachers from each of our 16 primary schools if we could fund their accommodation and transport from Nawalparasi.

The course was a Foundation in child centred learning and was taken up by all of our schools. Some extra teachers attended a final course when spaces became available, making about 44 staff in total from our villages.



Tutors leading the course

Examplar lesson, with delegates participating and some observing followed by group working


Delegates appeared to enjoy the participation in lessons…and the fine tea breaks at the Greenwich Village Hotel in Patan where the courses were hosted.

Enjoying a cup of tea with Nepal Schools Trust sponsored staff from Kawasoti and Kumsot

Some of the work on Values from early in the course

Teachers delivering their own lessons to each other under critique.


The full course participants and tutors.

I would like to put our thanks to Nepal Schools Aid and Brian Metters on record and also to thank Babita, Sangita and Ladip-ma in particular for their excellent courses.  Nepal Schools Trust has an evaluation process in place that should unfold over coming months and we hope to collaborate further with Nepal Schools Aid in the future.

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We are delighted to announce a collaboration with Nepal Schools Aid. This follows our very successful collaboration with the Scottish charity, Books Abroad, last year when we air freighted books to 16 schools.
To see a report on that initiative click HERE

Pragatinagar school kids (photo Kyle Hamilton)

Nepal Schools Aid

This UK charity has a well established and quality teacher training programme running in Kathmandu for Primary Teachers and are trying to roll out places to some rural teachers in Nepal.  With this in mind they contacted Nepal Schools Trust and we are delighted to say that we have been able to agree to 32 teachers from Pragatinagar and Devchuli’s 16 Primary Schools (i.e. 2 teachers per school) being provided with funding from us to travel to and stay in Kathmandu whilst Nepal Schools Aid will provide the training courses free of charge to trainees.  Scherie Nicol, currently in the village on our behalf , is making the initial admninistrative arrangements, Chris Dickinson, Chairman and other trustees have approved funding and the teachers will go in groups of 8 to four week long courses between now and November.  Chris Dickinson, Trust Chairman, plans to observe on a course when in Nepal in November.

We look forward to our teachers attending these courses, hearing about their experiences and hopefully seeing the benefits in our classrooms of improved learning for children.

It is a wonderful example of how collaboration between small charities can so quickly and effectively bring additional benefits to both charities, but more importantly to the target communities that we seek to help.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone at Nepal Schools Aid for identifying us as a potential partner and we hope that we can make further collaborations in the future.

To see the Nepal Schools Aid website click HERE or a report on this item on THEIR NEWS BLOG

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Hot off the Press!

SLC – Iron Bar Exams in Nepal

Students with the help of the amazing staff at Bhimsen Ardarsha School in Pragatinagar have achieved the top school result in Nepal in the SLC exams this year.  187 Students sat the exam, out of which 87 gained a Distinction and 90 gained First Division.  If that is not impressive enough one of the students from Bhimsen received a score of 92% which is the top mark in Nepal.

Congratulations to all staff who we know work so hard to support their students in this excellent school.  And to the students – your futures are very bright – good luck with all you do. 

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Alice Thomson from UK was in Pragatinagar and Devchuli recently visditng some of our schools.  She did little bits of teaching in some classes at Laligurans Nursery (seen above) and Bhimsen Secondary School. Nepal Schools Trust is actively looking at placing volunteers from UK into some schools in our district in Nepal.  If you, or anyone you know has an interest then please get in touch with Chris Dickinson, Trust Chairman.