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Larry Grant, on a recent visit to Scotland, madea generous donation to Nepal Schools Trust.
On behalf of the communities in Nepal and all of the Trustees, I want to thank Larry for his ongoing support.
Chris Dickinson – Chairman

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This year we found a wholesale supplier of games equipment in Narayangadh, a nearby town, and filled three tin trunks with a variety of games, including badminton, cricket, skipping, and football.
The boxes being rickshawed through the street to the local bus service!

These were given to three schools, Narayani Primary School, Nawa Nepal Primary School and Surya Kiran Primary School.

If this proves to be successful we may be able to equip more schools in the future.

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We are delighted to report that Scottish Charity Books Abroad sent a couple of pallets of books by air freight to Kathmandu for our schools. The shipment was ready to leave Scotland in September. In October John Calder, of Books Abroad, visited Pragatinagar and Devchuli with Mukunda to see some of our work and meet Nardev Neupane, Head of Bhimsen Secondary School, who had offered to help coordinate the distribution of books.

John Calder being greeted at Narayani Primary School in Pragatinagar.

The reality of the shipment was that it did not arrive for some time. At short notice, Nardev Neupane, seen below with the books, headed for Kathmandu, with the Chairman of his school management committee, to secure the books from customs and bring them back to the village areas. They spent three days in Kathmandu before the books were cleared and transported by minibus back to the village for distribution. Nepal Schools Trust met their travel and board costs and the cost of the transport of the books down from Kathmandu.

Books were laid out at Bhimsen Adarsha Secondary School and a representative from each of the 16 beneficiary schools was invited to come and collect books.

On behalf of Nepal Schools Trust, Mukunda Raj Shrestha, our honorary trustee, went to the village to officially give out the books…….seen here giving parcels to Nardev Neupane, of Bhimsen, for his school.

Books went to all parts of the district.

Here the Principal of Narayani Primary School receives books from Mukunda.

The books had arrived and all been distributed when Trust Chairman, Chris Dickinson, visited the village in November 2011. In his visits to schools he was shown the books that had arrived and discussed with staff the importance of completing the feedback forms so that Books Abroad would have evidence both of their arrival at various schools and of how useful the books were to each school. The coordination of the return of these forms will be done through Nardev at Bhimsen.

The Nepal Schools Trust would like to say, on behalf of kids in Pragatinagar and Devchuli who will use these books, a big thanks to Books Abroad and all their generous donors.

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Larry Grant, seen here (second left) yesterday at a West Seattle beach picnic, has made a kind donation to Nepal Schools Trust. Thanks Larry for your ongoing support.

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Wedding of Dave McCraw and Claire Browne in May 2011

We are delighted to announce that Dave and Claire, who asked guests to give donations to Nepal Schools in lieu of wedding presents, have raised more than £4000 for Narayani Primary School.

These funds are being given to the school to erect new classrooms on the foundation seen here.

Jackie Thomson, seen here in a Narayani classroom, awarded an initial grant of £4000 when she visited the school a week ago.

Needless to say they were both stunned and excited and have already ordered in building supplies to get on with construction.

Chris Dickinson, Chairman, will be visiting the school with Don McLeod, new trustee, towards the end of the year to see what progress they have made.

A massive thanks on behalf of the kids, parents and community of Narayani School to Dave and Claire and we wish them every happiness and good fortune in their marriage. We do hope that they will find time in the future to visit Narayani and perhaps open the building. I would also like to put on record our thanks to all the friends and family who made such generous donations.

Chairman, Nepal Schools Trust

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Keith (above) and Pat Hamilton from Saskatoon were recently on the trip to Nepal with us and very generously indicated their wish to make an additional donation to Nepal Schools Trust. Keith also talked his bother Don and wife Gail, and sister Jill and husband Barry into helping.

Picture of (from left) Kyle, Craig (the sons!) and then Keith and Pat on the summit of Devchuli Peak last December.

Wonderful guys and we assure you that these funds will be put to good use in the near future.

Many thanks from Chris, Sally, Jackie and the kids of Devchuli/Pragatinagar. We love you all :-)

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On 2nd and 3rd October 2010 Chris ran a 5 Star Assessment for three candidates. On Saturday we paddled theArkaig and Spean Gorge Saturday and Orchy on Sunday. Best of all, Dougie Shannon, seen below on the Orchy, external assessor, generously donated his fee for the day to Nepal Schools Trust. A big thank you to him for a kind gesture.

Dougie, Shannon, River Orchy.

Nigel Sanger running Headbanger in Spean Gorge

David Russell running the same rapid.

Lovely sunny day on Chicken Shoot on the River Orchy.

David Russell runs Easan Dubh, River Orchy

Callum Anderson running the same drop further right.

Sawtooth Rapid, River Orchy

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Kevin, friend and supporter of the Trust is getting married to Tana in August 2010 and they have decided to ask friends and family to make donations to Nepal Schools Trust in lieu of wedding gift. This is a wonderful gesture and we can’t thank them enough. More about this as it unfolds. We wish them the happiest of days and a wonderful future together.

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Many congratulations to Callum Anderson who celebrated his 40th birthday recently.

Deciding that he did not really need anything for his birthday he asked folks to make donations to Nepal Schools Trust instead. The trust received a very significant donation. Many thanks to all those who added to this donation and of course to Callum for this very generous gesture.

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The Rhynie based charity, Books Abroad, have kindly agreed to send pallets of books to the schools in Pragatinagar Village Development Committee Area following an approach by Nepal Schools Trust for support. All the schools in our remit area are currently completing the necessary forms and we hope to see the books arriving in Nepal before the year end. Many thanks to Books Aborad and all their supporters for this wonderful support. Watch this space for updates.