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In November 2010 Narayani Primary School had a foundation in place.

Since then Nepal Schools Trust gave them a £4000 grant to complete the building, funds coming from Dave McCraw and Claire Browne of Scotland on the occasion of their wedding.

The latest pictures show that the building has risen and will soon be having a roof installed.

All grant funds have been transferred to the school.


In late 2010 we visited Milijuli for the first time after awarding then a grant of £8000 to erect a new building. The school was made of bamboo, mud and grass. In this picture taken in May you can see the new foundations in place. Part of the funds came courtesy of a grant from Erach & Roshan Sadri Foundation and also from Chris, Cody and his father in memory of Pablo Evans, to whom the new school building will be dedicated. The following pictures show the situation last week, i.e. late August, and there has been great progress. The final tranche of the Trust grant was released to the school in late August also.

Three trustees will be visiting the village between October and December this year and will look forward to monitoring the progress of these two building projects, and other projects in village schools.

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Shree Narayani Primary School, Pragatinagar VDC, Ward 3, Salghari, Nawalparasi, NEPAL

We are delighted to announce that ROWLANDS GILL PRIMARY SCHOOL, Tyne & Wear, is from 2011 going to link up with NARAYANI PRIMARY SCHOOL.

Shree Narayani Primary School, gets it’s name from the great river which flows past just a few miles south.

The Narayani River combines the Trisuli, Kali Gandaki and Marsyandi Rivers that drain central Nepal, even drawing waters from Tibet and the catchment includes Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, Manaslu, Ganesh Himal and the Langtang Himalaya. The school is also just a mile or so from the boundary of the Chitawan National Park, home to wild tigers and rhino.

Tul Bahadur Tsapa(left), Chairman of Management Committee, Chris Dickinson, Chairman of Nepal Schools Trust (centre) and Resham Bahadur Ranabhat, Principal, (right) during a visit in November 2010.
This is a government Primary School with 200 students currently, and classes from Nursery through Kindergarten and Primary 1-5. “Government” in Nepal means partly funded and so most building initatives are only partly supported by government and teaching complement likewise. Communities have to make efforts to raise funds to fill the gap in funding. The catchment for this school is a poor Dalit (low caste, untouchable) community who do genuinely find it difficult to raise funds or have political influence to effect the same. As you can see some of the classes do not yet even have furniture, something we wish to change in due course. We are also working with this school to link them to resources from Books Abroad, the Scottish Charity that helps sends books to poor countries.

Narayani has a particular problem with a 19 year old building that was on a poor foundation and is really no longer safe or suitable. The school and we have concerns that in a quake this building could collapse, or it may be taken down by monsoon rains. The building is currently used for Primary 1, 2 and 3 classes. Perhaps after demolition the site can be re-used.

Pupils are immaculately turned out, polite and enthusiastic. They deserve better.

Kids at this school even get fed twice a week as they come from such poor families. This is the only school in our area that does this and a local company provides the funds.

The water tank for the whole school, adequate, but will need replaced in due course and we as a Trust are working towards filtration for drinking water in the future.

Two of only 4 cubicles for toilets on site, for staff and pupils alike i.e. 210 people.
There are girls and boys urinals in place.

The school campus is very pleasant in fact, set in amongst the houses of the village, and with adequate areas for play, shade and buildings. It runs to 8 acres.

Chris’s speedily drawn plan from his visit in November 2010 of the school site.

This view shows a new foundation completed by the school. They managed this by diverting funds granted by the education department for toilet improvements to the more pressing need for a new building. We observed all this and agreed with their need and Chris wrote to the school in December 2010, as follows:

“We note that the school wishes to complete a new building, for which you have a foundation. Obviously this is a large project. Nepal Schools Trust is prepared to search for funding from UK charities on the school’s behalf. We cannot promise that we will be successful, but we are very happy to try this for you.

In any case I will give priority in 2011 to helping you with this project.

To build a new school building, the school will need to seek funding also from the Education Office, VDC , NGOs and from within the community. Thank you for supplying a set of plans and costs for the project, which we understand to be a single storey 3 classroom block at a cost of approximately 500,000 Rs.” (Note, this sum is equivalent to approximately £4550 at current exchange rates)

Chris and Jackie Thomson, in class, at Narayani Primary School in November 2010.

Chris is committed to finidng funding for this school during 2011 and we are pleased to announce that Claire Browne and Dave McCraw who are shortly to be married, have offered to raise funds for Nepal Schools Trust and Narayani Primary School in particular in lieu of wedding gifts. Many many thanks to them and any friends or family who support them in this wonderful gesture.

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In true Larry Grant (pictured above) fashion, when I was in Seattle recently and Larry came out skiing with Sally and I, he pressed a cheque into my hand as a “wedding present” for Kevin and Tana’s wedding last August, just 5 months late for the event but welcome at any time of course. This brings to $2000 the funds raised by Kevin and Tana for Nepal Schools Trust from the event and on behalf of the Trustees I would like to put on record our thanks once again for this kind gesture and wish them every happiness and we hope to see them in Nepal sometime.

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The picture shows Pablo Evans on his frist ever descent of the Rio Damas in Ecuador.

Nepal Schools Trust has been raising funds for a school project to commemorate Pablo Evans who sadly died in a car accident in Ecuador a few years ago. Pablo had visited Nepal and Scotland and loved them both. He was a great friend of Trust Chairman, Chris Dickinson.

Milijuli Primary School will be the beneficiary school, in Devchuli District. The school has received news of a substantial grant to help them erect a permanent school building and the community is very excited about this unexpected assistance. Funds raised for the project as of today total just over £8,000 or US $12,100. Our estimate of the cost of completing an entire 4 classroom building plus water supply and sanitation is in region of £12,000 and so you can see we will already be able to fund 2/3rds of the cost of this project. We are expecting perhaps a few more contributions to arrive. Chris, Trust Chairman, will be visiting Milijuli School in the second half of November to discuss building plans with the school management committee. Thanks to everyone who has contributed funds so far and anyone who would like to add a donation in memory of Pablo is welcome and encouraged to do so. These funds will be spent on an incredibly good cause in a very poor community in Nepal, a community that will use these funds to the full to better the education of their children. If you want to contribute, UK donors go to our website at www.nepalschoolstrust.org.uk, overseas donors please get in touch with Chris at speanbridge@googlemail.com and he will give you any details you will need. Thanks again.

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As population of the area has increased, the Devchuli area of the Pragatinagar Village Development Committee has become a VDC in its own right. I think that this happens when an area reaches more than 10,000 on the electoral roll. The reality of the area that the Nepal Schools Trust seeks to help primarily has not changed, but it does now encompass two VDC’s instead of one. In due course we plan to alter the Trust Deed document to reflect this. Our major support project this year, Milijuli School is in fact in the Devchuli VDC. There are now 8 schools in Devchuli according to Mukunda. Still trying to pin down exactly how many schools there are in Pragatinagar VDC!