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I was in the village again this year as was Jackie Thomson and we witnessed the positive outcomes from the 2011 grants and were involved in a spate of “openings”, including water systems at Prithvi and Bhimsen, showers and toilets at Bhimsen, a health centre beside Surya Kiran Primary and last but not least the final opening of Milijuli Primary Schools new building.  You can read reports on all these elsewhere on this blog.

Chris Dickinson was paddling again in Nepal this year with Craig Burns and Henry Methold in Central Nepal, here heading to Mhadi Khola below Annapurna II, before heading to Nawalparasi.

2012 was an important year for Nepal Schools Trust.  It followed three successful years working with schools in Pragatinagar and Devchuli VDC’s and we wondered if we would be able to keep the momentum going in terms of fund raising and working towards wider improvements for kids.  In the event we need not have worried.  The 2012 grants came to £19,930, thanks in part to a large donation from the legacy of Catherine Searle and continued support from friends of the Trust. I would like to record our thanks to everyone who made the 2012 grants possible, both in Nepal and abroad.

The most exciting new developments this year were 17 further installations for filtered water for drinking; access for 44 primary teachers to high quality teacher training in child centred learning in Kathmandu through Nepal Schools Aid and hearing assessments and some treatments for the kids from the deaf unit.  The trust also supported three community projects this year in recognition of the work that community groups do in supporting schools and education generally.

Mukunda Raj Shrestha was engaged to project manage the 15 water installations and is working hard on this as I write, such that early in 2013 all the systems should be installed.

Chairman, Chris Dickinson, at Dibyajoti Secondary School in November 2012

The following is the list of grants made in 2012 totalling £19,930.

Bhimsen Secondary School       £500 Water filtration system
Bhimsen Secondary School       £160 Scholarships for kids
Bhimsen Secondary School       £750 New building contribution
Bhimsen Secondary School       £500 Community teacher salary
Prithvi Secondary School          £500 Water filtration system
Welfare Club                            £800 Building health/community post
Manakamana Primary School   £1400 New building contribution
All 16 Primary Schools            £1250 44 Teacher Training Course
Deaf Unit at Jana Jyoti MGSS    £500 Pokhara trip/hearing assessments
Deaf Unit at Jana Jyoti MGSS    £500 Protein in meals during 2013
Dibyajoti Secondary School       £750  Main building electrics
Amar Child Club                       £185 Club building for community use
Nepal Rastriya Primary School   £450 School boundary fence
Surya Kiran Primary School       £375 Teacher salary & 25 scholarships
Childrens Park Project               £185 Development of childrens’ park
Prithvi Secondary School           £600 Internal girls toilet and electrics
Milijuli Primary School                £75  Games equipment
15 additional schools             £10,000 Filtered water installations
All schools                               £450 Chalk with whiteboard replacements

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  In November 2011 Nepal Schools Trust granted funds to Bhimsen Secondary School to assist in building additional toilet and shower facilities for female students.  When school leaving certificate time comes around, students and staff live at the school for almost 3 months for special study and revision.  There was a desperate need to provide private washing, showering and toileting faciltities for the young women staying at the school.  This photo, taken this week by Mukunda, shows that the facility is built and in use already.

Below you can see bedding rolled up during the day in one of the classrooms.  It is indicative of the extraordinary commitment of Nepalis to schooling that staff and students should live in the school during the lead up to the final school examinations.  Hard to imagine such a thing happening in the UK!!

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Chris Dickinson, Trust Chairman, visited Nepal in November and December 2011. During the visit he was able to see progress made in various schools from previous grant aid in 2010 (see some photos below) and allocate grants to schools from remaining funds available for the year. Seen here at Surya Kiran Primary School

The following is a Summary of Grants Awarded in December 2011

Grants were given in Rupees and sterling figures in RED are approximate

Balmeeki PS £320 Rs 40,000 to community teacher budget

Bhimsen HSS £1375 Rs 172,000 for showers/toilets and scholarships (22 x 1000)

Dibyajoti LSS £1400 Rs 175,000 for continuing building work

Kumarwarti LSS £520 Rs 65,000 for Year 8 teacher salary

Manakamana PS £320 Rs 40,000 to community teacher budget

Milijuli PS £1740 Rs 217,420 for building and scholarships

Narayani PS £260 Rs 32,500 for teacher salary plus box games equipment

Nawa Nepal PS £220 Rs 27,000 to community teacher budget & Box games equipment

Nepal Rastriya Sarada £800 Rs100,000 towards new building and £330 41,600 for teacher salary

Saraswoti PS, Kumsot £330 Rs 41,600 for teacher salary as per last year

Surya Kiran PS £310 Rs39,000 Community teacher salary plus games equipment

Total £7925 Rs 991,120

3 boxes of games equipment were distributed as above and this in addition to about £4700 given to Narayani Primary School earlier in 2011 for a new school building and a filtered water system meant grants for 2011 totalled about £12725

The following images show some of the achievements from 2010 Grants.

See also separate reports on Milijuli and Narayani Schools.

Dining tables and benches made for resident deaf kids at Jana Jyoti HSS

Computers and desks for each of the two deaf unit classrooms.

At Bhimsen Higher Secondary School we gave funds for three years to sponsor 22 children from very poor families through the school….here Sasmita is awarded her scholarship.

Science equipment purchased with our grant by Prithvi Secondary School

Dibyajoti Secondary School’s new building still underway with some small help from us.

Some classrooms have been brought into use already as the school is so short of space.

Improvements to the Manakamana Primary School Nursery through grant aid.

At Laligurans nursery kids now learn on foam underlaid carpets and cushions and have a new supply of water on site (see below)

Balkiran Primary School, Chris in the nursery which was bare.

Carpeting and tables in the nursery (above) at Balkiran Primary and a retaining wall to
stop monsoon erosion (below) were mainly funded by us.

At Kumarwarti Secondary we funded this extra teacher for two years.

At Surya Kiran Primary we funded improvements to the roof of the school.

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Jackie Dickinson, Trust Secretary, (seen here, centre, with the staff at Nawa Nepal Primary School), was in the village areas again after the Nepal visits in November and December last year, to take letters and grant award agreements to the relevant schools and also sign up some schools for help with library materials from Books Abroad.

We look forward to hearing more from her in due course.

Awards this year were issued with a new grant agreement form for schools.

The purpose of this is to set out the terms of the grant clearly, indicate to schools what verification evidence will be required in due course. School and Trust keep signed copies.

This will hopefully give all concerned an easy framework to follow in implementing projects that are funded by grant aid from Nepal Schools Trust.

Schools will only be eligible for grants in future if they follow this process through. We believe this process will ensure that grants are used 100% for intended purposes, that good evidence will be collected that this is indeed the case and that will also allow our generous supporters to be even more certain that donated funds are being used responsibly and effectively for the children of Pragatinagar and Devchuli.

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2010 Grants


Balkiran PS – Wall to secure against flood (Grant Rs 55,000) plus tables for Nursery & P1 (Rs14,400). Last year’s monsoon eroded a road beside the school and is threatening the foundations of one of the buildings (below).

Balmiki PS – Look for external charitable support for a building project

Bhimsen Adarsha SS (22000Rs) for 3 years scholarships for children of poor families, the school draws kids from Magar communities, especially in the hill districts. Here Chris Dickinson, Trust Chairman, is being given a warm welcome at Bhimsen by staff and students.

Devchuli LSS Grant agreed of Rs110,000 ( = 60% of donations needed) for additional toilet block. Current facilities are inadequate for school roll.

Dibyajoti LSS Make an external bid for £10,000 to finish new building on behalf of school. Structure now complete (background), but needs all finishing works. Been under construction now for two and a half years.

Hindu School – Look for charitable support for a building project from Hindus in UK. An accommodation building (below) is now unsafe and must be demolished.

Jana Jyoti Higher SS – No assistance until we hear schools has elected new committee. School appears to be in some sort of transition.

Jana Jyoti Model Girls School (80,000 Rs for Deaf kids) to improve living accommodation for kids in the deaf unit who live at the school. This is the major deaf unit in Nawalparasi District and draws students from all over the region.

Kalika SS – Improve and furnish nursery (Grant Rs 33,000).

Kumarwarti LSS (Rs 65000 + Rs 11000) with Rs 65000 for further year for full funding of a Year 8 teacher salary for 2 years @ 5000Rs x 13 and also offer that we would furnish P2 Class (below) if they can procure community wood for furniture and we pay carpenter.

Lali Gurans Playgroup – Ask costing for bringing down water (Grant Rs 40,000) and give help in providing materials for the playgroup.

Manakamana PS – Improve and furnish nursery (Grant Rs 33,000).

Milijuli (£8000) towards new building to replace bamboo and grass building (below) plus Rs6800 and Rs6800 for further year for scholarships for children from poorest families. This school receives the funding we secured from the Sadri Foundation and the new building is a commemorative project for Pablo Evans of Ecuador. We wish the school well in its development.

Narayani PS – Look for charitable support for a new building project to go on a completed foundation (below).

Nawa Nepal PS grant of Rs15000 for paint for classrooms and £540 for teachers’ pay, as 9 staff here share one government salary. Some of the teachers are seen here with Jackie Thomson, Trust Secretary.

Nepal Rastriya Sarada PS (Kirtipur) Rs 39,000 then next year Rs 41,600 to pay an extra teacher. Keen to progress a new building so we asked for all the details of plans… so we can look for external charitable support for the project. Local ladies in traditional dress are dancing for the assembled throng and us of course!

Pragati LSS – Look for charitable support for a building project. The school is seeking to expand its accommodation and replace an old building.

Prithvi Secondary (Rs 55000) for science teaching materials. The school wants to resource years 11 and 12 and is also in need of computers.

Saraswoti PS, Kumsot, Rs 39,000 then next year Rs 41,600 to pay an extra teacher for two years. Currently two classes are covered by a single teacher. The community recently completed a beautiful building, built entirely in local style.

Surya Kiran (Rs 55,000) for roof repairs to prevent water coming in during monsoon.

Virkuti English Boarding School – No grant this year, helped complete a building last year.

Total cost of immediate grants £14,660

These figures based on an exchange rate of 110.

Total of forward commitments in Rupees

March 2012 Rs 17700 (Sterling equivalent is £1609) ;

March 2013 RS 2200 (Sterling equivalent is £200)

A very very big thank you to everyone who has made donations or contributions to Nepal Schools Trust since its inception in December 2008. This is our second batch of grants. See previous post for details of 2009 grant verification visits.

Following my visit to the village in November 2010 I decided that Nepal Schools Trust should adopt a motto, which is,

“We help those who work hard to help themselves”

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In 2009 we made grants to four schools and here are details from our verification visits in November 2010. Chris Dickinson and Jackie Thomson carried out the visits. Sally Dickinson, Trust Treasurer, also visited Surya Kiran in December 2010.

Dibyajoti Lower Secondary

£1000, contribution towards building project made in late 2009

At our last visit in 2007 we saw only a collapsed building, victim of the last monsoon.

Since then we have seen photos of gradual progress.

In November 2010 the school building first storey was structurally complete, but requires all the finishing work, including plastering, flooring, doors, shutters, electrics, decoration and furnishing.

The building has been constructed on a foundation suitable for second storey in due course. Buildings of 2 or more storeys have to comply with local building regulations on earthquake standards. We hope to help them find funding for the remaining work. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for Dibyajoti.

Nawa Nepal Primary

£450, remuneration for volunteer staff.

Since starting this school, the staff had worked for two years part time without pay.

Our encouragement grant clearly did exactly that. In the interim the school has expanded, completed buildings and all those staff are still there. Extremely well done Nawa Nepal.

Nawa Nepal School Chairman, Shyam Sharma Bhusal, with Chris and the Principal.

Surya Kiran Primary

£1000, for furniture, electrics, decoration.

The transformation in this school was amazing and inspiring. A local carpenter had constructed new furniture with wood provided free from the community forest and done a beautiful job.

He had also repaired older furniture and given everything a bright lick of paint.

New furniture was made for the school office.

Fans and lights were fitted in classrooms and classrooms had been painted to brighten them.

Some classes had new boards and easels.

Congratulations to the school and the community for showing the way in how to improve the “in class” environment for students.

Virkuti English Boarding

£1000 to assist the completion of new building and additional toilet provision..

This school had a critical lack of space and a building under construction that required finishing.

This was one of the temporary classrooms.

It also had just one toilet cubicle for around 280 students and staff.

The school now has two toilet cubicles and has finished its new classroom block.

Well done to Virkuti!

Overall we were extremely satisfied with how all the schools spent the funds granted and are full of confidence for the 2010 round of grants. Nawa and Surya Kiran will receive further grants and we will search for external funding to help Dibyajoti (see next post on 2010 grants). We would like to reassure all donors to Nepal Schools Trust that your contributions really make a difference and go directly to the schools and students in Nepal.

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Wrote a letter today to Milijuli Primary School to inform them that we will be making a grant of a minimum of £6660 towards a permanent building in Devchuli. A proud moment for the Trust! Chris Dickinson, Chairman, holds up the letter of award.

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The Erach and Roshan Sadri Foundation grant of £6000 has now arrived at Nepal Schools Trust and Chris, Chairman, is writing to the school with the good news and will ask them to draw up plans for the use of these funds in a project to put up a permanent school building.

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An offer of a grant of £6,000 has been made by the Erach & Roshan Sadri Foundation to Nepal Schools Trust to support the development of Milijuli Primary School. This large grant will in due course be offered to this school, with the possibility of additional fuinding also, once discussions have taken place between the trustees and the school management committee.

The above photo shows a temporary school building that has been constructed. It is hoped that this funding will in due course permit its replacement with a more permanent structure.

We are extremely grateful for the confidence that the trustees of ERSF have shown in our charitable aims.

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An update on our 2009 grants, made to a total of four schools as follows:

Shree Surya Kiran Primary School has been awarded a grant of £1000 to be used to assist in furnishing class rooms for the school as some classes still have pupils sitting on the floor!

Kids at Surya Kiran seated on the floor

Mukunda will request timber from the village district forest committee and the funds will be used to employ some tradesmen to make the furniture up. The school will also use some of the funds to have electricity installed and to purchase and install fans in classrooms

Shree Dibyajoti Lower Secondary School has been awarded a grant of £1000 towards the building of a new section in the school. This large school of over 700 pupils has an urgent need for more accommodation and has been working on the new section for around two years now. Government funding is meeting part of the cost. We hope our grant will help the project move towards completion. The photograph shows the building works earlier this year. We are informed that currently the building has risen to the window tops! The school has grown considerably in recent years as both more pupils attend and additional secondary years have been added. This building is being designed so that in future when needs dictate, it will be possible to add a second storey of classrooms.

Shree Virkuti Boarding School was awarded a grant of £1200. The girls in the photo are standing against the wall of an unfinished improvement that is desperately needed. This grant will hopefully be sufficient to allow that building project to be completed and brought into use and also to address the issues of a clean water supply and toilet improvements.

Shree Nawal Nepal Primary School, where teaching staff have helped the school get established by working without compensation for two years. In September we made a grant to this school of £450 that will be split into 9 payments to each of 9 volunteer part time staff at the school, in recognition of their extraordinary commitment to getting this school established from scratch.