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Chris planned and led a walk into Glen Tarff, near Fort Augustus, for the Spean Bridge Walking Group. We all enjoyed the magnificent autumn colours.

We had a brief break at Culachy Falls, a small tributary of the Tarff.

Lovely view to Fort Augustus and Loch Ness on the descent.

Afterwards we laid on tea and coffee at Bla Bheinn, and then Chris gave a presentation about the Nepal Schools Trust.

This was followed by a Nepali meal, masterminded by Sally.

The evening ended with trips into the hot tub and BBQ hut.

The event raised £163 for Nepal Schools and most donations came with gift aid forms which will bring in 28% more funds in due course. Thanks to all who attended and for all the generous donations.

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Two very large donations came in today from Alan Picken (above) and Gavin Mitchell.

Many thanks guys and may all your mountain bike runs be steep!! (Downhill!!)

Donations during first year have now exceeded £5,000.

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And now we are getting musical courtesy of Rachel and Penny who with a couple of like minded friends took to the streets of Cambridge to entertain. They very generously sent their busking proceeds to the Trust. Very many thanks to all.

Rachel is on her way to Nepal in November where she will explore the country with Mukunda and also volunteer her teaching services in a Kathmandu school. Good luck with that – we look forward to hearing an account!

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Very many thanks to Jaime, the Quiz Teams and all the staff at the Horse and Dray in Norwich for a brilliant quiz night. Much scratching of heads and we didn’t always have the answers(!) but at the end of the night a grand total of £70 was raised for the Trust.

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An update on our 2009 grants, made to a total of four schools as follows:

Shree Surya Kiran Primary School has been awarded a grant of £1000 to be used to assist in furnishing class rooms for the school as some classes still have pupils sitting on the floor!

Kids at Surya Kiran seated on the floor

Mukunda will request timber from the village district forest committee and the funds will be used to employ some tradesmen to make the furniture up. The school will also use some of the funds to have electricity installed and to purchase and install fans in classrooms

Shree Dibyajoti Lower Secondary School has been awarded a grant of £1000 towards the building of a new section in the school. This large school of over 700 pupils has an urgent need for more accommodation and has been working on the new section for around two years now. Government funding is meeting part of the cost. We hope our grant will help the project move towards completion. The photograph shows the building works earlier this year. We are informed that currently the building has risen to the window tops! The school has grown considerably in recent years as both more pupils attend and additional secondary years have been added. This building is being designed so that in future when needs dictate, it will be possible to add a second storey of classrooms.

Shree Virkuti Boarding School was awarded a grant of £1200. The girls in the photo are standing against the wall of an unfinished improvement that is desperately needed. This grant will hopefully be sufficient to allow that building project to be completed and brought into use and also to address the issues of a clean water supply and toilet improvements.

Shree Nawal Nepal Primary School, where teaching staff have helped the school get established by working without compensation for two years. In September we made a grant to this school of £450 that will be split into 9 payments to each of 9 volunteer part time staff at the school, in recognition of their extraordinary commitment to getting this school established from scratch.

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Chris is currently sending out appeal letters by email to as many folks as possible to try and raise additional funds so that we can grant aid a nursery school where all the teachers have been working for two years without pay. Donations are very much appreciated. Thanks.

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Received, with many thanks, a cheque for £50 from the Bible Study Group in the village.

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Nepal Schools Trust has joined VAL, a support organisation in Lochaber district for the voluntary sector. Chris met with the co-ordinator, Marion Smith yesterday.

Membership will give us access to advice, accounts support and auditing, reprographics facilities, fund search assistance and many other facilities for an annual fee of just £12.

Next week we are undertaking a fund search exercise for the Trust, to identify charities and trusts UK wide that consider supporting initiatives by a charity such as ours. This is a computer exercise that aids a search of charitable databases.

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We were invited to join in with the fun at the Horse and Dray Summer Fair in Norwich in aid of UNICEF. We took a children’s craft stall – painting t-shirts and bags – we all had great fun!! This first event in Norwich successfully earned some funds for the Trust.

The owners of the Horse and Dray have kindly offered to host a benefit Quiz Night at the pub on September 17th – if you are in Norwich why not bring a team!!

The Nepal Schools Trust website is up and running. Designed by Rebecca Vaughn, graphic designer and volunteer, from Norwich, the site provides all the information the giving public will need to see what it is the Trust does. It links to our blog, which is a rolling newsletter of happenings to do with the Trust.
Donations to The Treasurer, Nepal Schools Trust,
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