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Chris Dickinson, Trust Chairman, is leading a trip to Nepal with friends and family. The trip has raised a very substantial amount of funds for the Trust’s work in Pragatinagar and Devchuli.
He is leaving on 1st November for Nepal and will spend a couple of weeks in the village district this year, before most folks arrive for the trip. The following are taking part.

Chris and Sally Dickinson, Trustees, Spean Bridge, UK
Jackie Tomson, Trustee, Norwich, UK
Mukunda Raj Shrestha, Honorary Trustee, Kathmandu, Nepal,
Rebecca Vaughn, Norwich, UK
Nigel and Lisa Ginniff, West Houghton, Lancs., UK
Morna Knox, Strachur, Argyll, UK
Hazel and Willie Young, Dunoon, Argyll, UK
Katherine and Brenda Grant, Lochaber, UK
Roddy and Maggie Glen, Edinburgh, UK
Kyle Hamilton, Fernie, B.C., Canada
Keith, Pat and Craig Hamilton, Saskatoon, Canada
Candace Wilson, Toronto, Canada
Oleg and Olga Kuzmichev, St Petersburg, Russia

After spending time in Bhaktapur, Kathm,andu and Pokhara the group will trek south across the Mahabharat Range to Devchuli and Pragatinagar to see the village districts where the Trust helps schools and the trip will finish with a visit to Chitwan National Park, wildlife safaris, a Trisuli raft trip, before returning to Bhaktapur. Trip starts 28 November and finishes 11th December 2010.

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On 2nd and 3rd October 2010 Chris ran a 5 Star Assessment for three candidates. On Saturday we paddled theArkaig and Spean Gorge Saturday and Orchy on Sunday. Best of all, Dougie Shannon, seen below on the Orchy, external assessor, generously donated his fee for the day to Nepal Schools Trust. A big thank you to him for a kind gesture.

Dougie, Shannon, River Orchy.

Nigel Sanger running Headbanger in Spean Gorge

David Russell running the same rapid.

Lovely sunny day on Chicken Shoot on the River Orchy.

David Russell runs Easan Dubh, River Orchy

Callum Anderson running the same drop further right.

Sawtooth Rapid, River Orchy

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The picture shows Pablo Evans on his frist ever descent of the Rio Damas in Ecuador.

Nepal Schools Trust has been raising funds for a school project to commemorate Pablo Evans who sadly died in a car accident in Ecuador a few years ago. Pablo had visited Nepal and Scotland and loved them both. He was a great friend of Trust Chairman, Chris Dickinson.

Milijuli Primary School will be the beneficiary school, in Devchuli District. The school has received news of a substantial grant to help them erect a permanent school building and the community is very excited about this unexpected assistance. Funds raised for the project as of today total just over £8,000 or US $12,100. Our estimate of the cost of completing an entire 4 classroom building plus water supply and sanitation is in region of £12,000 and so you can see we will already be able to fund 2/3rds of the cost of this project. We are expecting perhaps a few more contributions to arrive. Chris, Trust Chairman, will be visiting Milijuli School in the second half of November to discuss building plans with the school management committee. Thanks to everyone who has contributed funds so far and anyone who would like to add a donation in memory of Pablo is welcome and encouraged to do so. These funds will be spent on an incredibly good cause in a very poor community in Nepal, a community that will use these funds to the full to better the education of their children. If you want to contribute, UK donors go to our website at www.nepalschoolstrust.org.uk, overseas donors please get in touch with Chris at speanbridge@googlemail.com and he will give you any details you will need. Thanks again.

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As population of the area has increased, the Devchuli area of the Pragatinagar Village Development Committee has become a VDC in its own right. I think that this happens when an area reaches more than 10,000 on the electoral roll. The reality of the area that the Nepal Schools Trust seeks to help primarily has not changed, but it does now encompass two VDC’s instead of one. In due course we plan to alter the Trust Deed document to reflect this. Our major support project this year, Milijuli School is in fact in the Devchuli VDC. There are now 8 schools in Devchuli according to Mukunda. Still trying to pin down exactly how many schools there are in Pragatinagar VDC!

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Wrote a letter today to Milijuli Primary School to inform them that we will be making a grant of a minimum of £6660 towards a permanent building in Devchuli. A proud moment for the Trust! Chris Dickinson, Chairman, holds up the letter of award.

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Kevin, friend and supporter of the Trust is getting married to Tana in August 2010 and they have decided to ask friends and family to make donations to Nepal Schools Trust in lieu of wedding gift. This is a wonderful gesture and we can’t thank them enough. More about this as it unfolds. We wish them the happiest of days and a wonderful future together.

In 2010, Kyle Hamilton of Saskatoon, who will be visiting Pragatinagar as part of Chris Dickinson’s Nepal visit, has volunteered to come to the village early for a while to help make a film about the area and the work that we are endeavouring to do. Great Kyle and be great also to have your brother Craig help. Maybe we can twist his arm to be a presenter or interviewer :-)

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The Erach and Roshan Sadri Foundation grant of £6000 has now arrived at Nepal Schools Trust and Chris, Chairman, is writing to the school with the good news and will ask them to draw up plans for the use of these funds in a project to put up a permanent school building.

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An offer of a grant of £6,000 has been made by the Erach & Roshan Sadri Foundation to Nepal Schools Trust to support the development of Milijuli Primary School. This large grant will in due course be offered to this school, with the possibility of additional fuinding also, once discussions have taken place between the trustees and the school management committee.

The above photo shows a temporary school building that has been constructed. It is hoped that this funding will in due course permit its replacement with a more permanent structure.

We are extremely grateful for the confidence that the trustees of ERSF have shown in our charitable aims.

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Mukunda sent a few pictures back from Nepal of the Mahabharat region around Devchuli. These are taken in the hot pre-monsoon season. We can expect cooler and clearer weather in December with views back to the Himalaya. We will be trekking through this area for 5 days.

A smile amidst the hardship………

Mahabharat Range

Magar kids at Devchuli base camp

Kids on their duty……grazing the goats…..no schools!!

Milhuli school in Devchuli, a temporary building, without water or toilets. The beginnings of a school education in this region. Bamboo and grass.