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Chairman, Chris Dickinson, officiates at an opening ceremony for new sanitation facilities at Devchuli Lower Secondary School, that were part funded by a grant from Nepal Schools Trust.

Unveiling an acknowledgement of our input.

And………..cutting the ribbon. First time I have opened a toilet block!

This effectively doubles the facilities for toilets in the school, with the one older facility being used for boys only now and the newer one, seen here, for the girls. It was great to see the school getting the development finished at a good quality in quite a short time.

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Chris Dickinson, Trust Chairman, visited Nepal in November and December 2011. During the visit he was able to see progress made in various schools from previous grant aid in 2010 (see some photos below) and allocate grants to schools from remaining funds available for the year. Seen here at Surya Kiran Primary School

The following is a Summary of Grants Awarded in December 2011

Grants were given in Rupees and sterling figures in RED are approximate

Balmeeki PS £320 Rs 40,000 to community teacher budget

Bhimsen HSS £1375 Rs 172,000 for showers/toilets and scholarships (22 x 1000)

Dibyajoti LSS £1400 Rs 175,000 for continuing building work

Kumarwarti LSS £520 Rs 65,000 for Year 8 teacher salary

Manakamana PS £320 Rs 40,000 to community teacher budget

Milijuli PS £1740 Rs 217,420 for building and scholarships

Narayani PS £260 Rs 32,500 for teacher salary plus box games equipment

Nawa Nepal PS £220 Rs 27,000 to community teacher budget & Box games equipment

Nepal Rastriya Sarada £800 Rs100,000 towards new building and £330 41,600 for teacher salary

Saraswoti PS, Kumsot £330 Rs 41,600 for teacher salary as per last year

Surya Kiran PS £310 Rs39,000 Community teacher salary plus games equipment

Total £7925 Rs 991,120

3 boxes of games equipment were distributed as above and this in addition to about £4700 given to Narayani Primary School earlier in 2011 for a new school building and a filtered water system meant grants for 2011 totalled about £12725

The following images show some of the achievements from 2010 Grants.

See also separate reports on Milijuli and Narayani Schools.

Dining tables and benches made for resident deaf kids at Jana Jyoti HSS

Computers and desks for each of the two deaf unit classrooms.

At Bhimsen Higher Secondary School we gave funds for three years to sponsor 22 children from very poor families through the school….here Sasmita is awarded her scholarship.

Science equipment purchased with our grant by Prithvi Secondary School

Dibyajoti Secondary School’s new building still underway with some small help from us.

Some classrooms have been brought into use already as the school is so short of space.

Improvements to the Manakamana Primary School Nursery through grant aid.

At Laligurans nursery kids now learn on foam underlaid carpets and cushions and have a new supply of water on site (see below)

Balkiran Primary School, Chris in the nursery which was bare.

Carpeting and tables in the nursery (above) at Balkiran Primary and a retaining wall to
stop monsoon erosion (below) were mainly funded by us.

At Kumarwarti Secondary we funded this extra teacher for two years.

At Surya Kiran Primary we funded improvements to the roof of the school.

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We are delighted to report that Scottish Charity Books Abroad sent a couple of pallets of books by air freight to Kathmandu for our schools. The shipment was ready to leave Scotland in September. In October John Calder, of Books Abroad, visited Pragatinagar and Devchuli with Mukunda to see some of our work and meet Nardev Neupane, Head of Bhimsen Secondary School, who had offered to help coordinate the distribution of books.

John Calder being greeted at Narayani Primary School in Pragatinagar.

The reality of the shipment was that it did not arrive for some time. At short notice, Nardev Neupane, seen below with the books, headed for Kathmandu, with the Chairman of his school management committee, to secure the books from customs and bring them back to the village areas. They spent three days in Kathmandu before the books were cleared and transported by minibus back to the village for distribution. Nepal Schools Trust met their travel and board costs and the cost of the transport of the books down from Kathmandu.

Books were laid out at Bhimsen Adarsha Secondary School and a representative from each of the 16 beneficiary schools was invited to come and collect books.

On behalf of Nepal Schools Trust, Mukunda Raj Shrestha, our honorary trustee, went to the village to officially give out the books…….seen here giving parcels to Nardev Neupane, of Bhimsen, for his school.

Books went to all parts of the district.

Here the Principal of Narayani Primary School receives books from Mukunda.

The books had arrived and all been distributed when Trust Chairman, Chris Dickinson, visited the village in November 2011. In his visits to schools he was shown the books that had arrived and discussed with staff the importance of completing the feedback forms so that Books Abroad would have evidence both of their arrival at various schools and of how useful the books were to each school. The coordination of the return of these forms will be done through Nardev at Bhimsen.

The Nepal Schools Trust would like to say, on behalf of kids in Pragatinagar and Devchuli who will use these books, a big thanks to Books Abroad and all their generous donors.

Chris and Rebbecca have been working on an update to our website.

This now inlcudes more detailed information about Nepal Schools Trust, a link to our film, a googlemap of the area we work, a page devoted to grants made, illustrations and of course How to Donate.

As before this blog acts as a rolling newsletter.

We expect shortly to have a Paypal facility to allow online donations.

Have a look now at www.nepalschoolstrust.org.uk

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In November 2010 Narayani Primary School had a foundation in place.

Since then Nepal Schools Trust gave them a £4000 grant to complete the building, funds coming from Dave McCraw and Claire Browne of Scotland on the occasion of their wedding.

The latest pictures show that the building has risen and will soon be having a roof installed.

All grant funds have been transferred to the school.


In late 2010 we visited Milijuli for the first time after awarding then a grant of £8000 to erect a new building. The school was made of bamboo, mud and grass. In this picture taken in May you can see the new foundations in place. Part of the funds came courtesy of a grant from Erach & Roshan Sadri Foundation and also from Chris, Cody and his father in memory of Pablo Evans, to whom the new school building will be dedicated. The following pictures show the situation last week, i.e. late August, and there has been great progress. The final tranche of the Trust grant was released to the school in late August also.

Three trustees will be visiting the village between October and December this year and will look forward to monitoring the progress of these two building projects, and other projects in village schools.

The filming that was undertaken on ouir behalf by Kyle Hamilton of Canada, seen here, in November 2010 has now been crafted into a short film lasting 8 minutes. I would like to thank Kyle for this fine effort to help the Trust with its publicity needs and look forward to using the film to assist in fund raising events. If you would like to see the film just click HERE

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Larry Grant, seen here (second left) yesterday at a West Seattle beach picnic, has made a kind donation to Nepal Schools Trust. Thanks Larry for your ongoing support.

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Wedding of Dave McCraw and Claire Browne in May 2011

We are delighted to announce that Dave and Claire, who asked guests to give donations to Nepal Schools in lieu of wedding presents, have raised more than £4000 for Narayani Primary School.

These funds are being given to the school to erect new classrooms on the foundation seen here.

Jackie Thomson, seen here in a Narayani classroom, awarded an initial grant of £4000 when she visited the school a week ago.

Needless to say they were both stunned and excited and have already ordered in building supplies to get on with construction.

Chris Dickinson, Chairman, will be visiting the school with Don McLeod, new trustee, towards the end of the year to see what progress they have made.

A massive thanks on behalf of the kids, parents and community of Narayani School to Dave and Claire and we wish them every happiness and good fortune in their marriage. We do hope that they will find time in the future to visit Narayani and perhaps open the building. I would also like to put on record our thanks to all the friends and family who made such generous donations.

Chairman, Nepal Schools Trust

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Chris Dickinson, Chairman of Nepal Schools Trust, is one of Scotland’s most experienced and accomplished white water kayakers. In the last month and half he has run a whole series of events, including river tours, British Canoe Union courses and safety courses which have helped raise funds for the Trust. Many thanks to all those who took part, your participation has raised a significant amount for schools in Pragatinagar and Devchuli VDCs.

Paddlers tackling the tricky Randolph’s Leap on the River Findhorn, Scotland.

Free-falling over Right Angle Falls, River Etive.

Plunging deep into the magnificent Meig Gorge.

Running the infamous Headbanger drop on the Spean Gorge.

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The Trust is delighted to welcome Donny McLeod as our fourth Trustee.

Don on a trip last year to Erraid/Mull and Iona.

He recently cycled Land’s End to John 0′ Groats to raise funds for the

We look forward to his ideas and contributions.

He is hoping, with his wife Vicki and three boys to accompany Chris to Nepal late in 2011

In his own words,

‘Unlike the other trustees, I haven’t yet earned my freedom and I am happily enjoying life as a Police Officer in the North East of England where I live with my wife, Vicki and three young boys. I have a great love of wild places, particularly the mountains and qualified as a mountain instructor in the mid 1990’s – and love to take others, including my boys to such wild and beautiful places. I have worked in outdoor education on and off since 1985 when I met the chairman, Chris Dickinson. Since then, I have dabbled in the full range of adventurous sports such as sailing, and have, at various times in the past, been a committed kayaker, open boater and paraglider. As a family we enjoy all these activities, particularly climbing, skiing, kayaking and cycling and I take great satisfaction from seeing others enjoying and growing through these activities, even when it means the boys are better than their dad! My other interests include education and the inequality of development/underdevelopment which lead me to work as a secondary school teacher of Geography in Scotland, England and also Tanzania in East Africa where I saw poverty in the raw. Hence, for me, Nepal Schools Trust is an inspirational project from an old friend of mine, and it has allowed me, once again, to be involved in education and play a part in giving others opportunities they may not have had. I hope that our work will go some way to providing young people in Nepal, and elsewhere, with such opportunities and insights we all, as human beings should enjoy.’