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  In November 2011 Nepal Schools Trust granted funds to Bhimsen Secondary School to assist in building additional toilet and shower facilities for female students.  When school leaving certificate time comes around, students and staff live at the school for almost 3 months for special study and revision.  There was a desperate need to provide private washing, showering and toileting faciltities for the young women staying at the school.  This photo, taken this week by Mukunda, shows that the facility is built and in use already.

Below you can see bedding rolled up during the day in one of the classrooms.  It is indicative of the extraordinary commitment of Nepalis to schooling that staff and students should live in the school during the lead up to the final school examinations.  Hard to imagine such a thing happening in the UK!!

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 Nepal Schools Trust gave some additional funds last November to Dibyajoti LSS to continue finishing work on their new building.  This photo taken this week shows that much of the external plastering is now complete with carpentry work remaining.  This building has been a long time coming.  All rooms are now in use which has taken nearly 4 years to achieve, following the collapse of an older adobe building during one of the monsoons. We are delighted for the school that the project is nearly finished and proud to have helped, albeit with two relatively small grants compared to the overall budget for the building construction.  The substantial foundation and structure will allow Dibyajoti to build further storeys at a much lower cost in the future.  It is in effect the ground floor of the future main school building.  Well done to everyone involved.

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On Sunday 6th March 25th 2012, Sally Dickinson, Trust Treasurer, gave a wee presentation at the Sunday School in the village church hall at Kilmonivaig.

This included a slide presentation to the children about Nepal, its people and about the schoolchildren helped by the Trust. To finish off they coloured in the Nepali Flag and discovered the meaning of the flag’s shape, symbols and colours.

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Resulting from the enthusiastic organisation of Margaret Boyd from Spean Bridge, a fund raising meal was arranged at Sugar & Spice cafe in Fort William on Feb 4th, with surplus funds from the evening going to Nepal Schools Trust. Guests enjoyed a wonderful Thai supper from Katy and her husband Bow.
There were 26 folks present on the night and fun was had with Chris and Sally from the Trust sharing some information about their work in Nepal. The meal , a Heads & Tails game, a wee raffle and a quiz helped raise the incredible sum of £287 for the Trust. We wish to record our thanks to Margaret, Sugar & Spice and everyone who gave assistance, extra donations or prizes, but especially to those generous folks who turned up to support the event…………all the funds raised are being put towards a water filtration system for a school in Nepal. Estimated cost for an installed system is in region of £1000 and the funds raised locally this year in Lochaber now stand at over £500.

A film made by Chris, Trust Chairman, of the opening day at Narayani Primary School on Dec 27th 2011.

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December 27th 2011 was perhaps the Nepal Schools Trust’s proudest day yet , being invited to Narayani Primary School to celebrate the opening of a new building and a filtered water system that donors, kids in UK and the Trust had helped to fund.

A brand new 3 classroom building awaiting the opening ceremony.
Don McLeod, new trustee, had brought his wife and three boys all the way from Rowlands Gill in Tyne & Wear, along with their aunt and uncle and three cousins.

L to R Robbie, aged 11, William, aged 9 and Ben, aged 11, of the McLeod family almost buried in garlands known as “malla” which are the Nepali form of greeting special guests. Mandy, John and Murray Peden sit behind.

Pupils, parents and other members of the community all turned out for the special day and there was a real party atmosphere at the school.

The children of the school put on a series of wonderful dances and songs.

Next Ben and William performed the official opening of the new building which was substantially funded by the wonderful generosity of Claire, nee Browne, and Dave McCraw from Scotland who asked their wedding guests to donate to this building project through Nepal Schools Trust in place of wedding gifts.

To rapturous applause all round…….

Robbie McLeod then performed the opening of the new filtered water system that had been installed by the Trust’s efforts, making use of funds raised by Don McLeod’s sponsored cycle ride from Lands End to John 0 Groats and the community of Rowlands Gill Primary School in UK.

Vicki McLeod, proudly takes pictures as Robbie is testing the water.

William McLeod with two of the school’s teachers.

The water filter, is protected inside a locked cublicle, so that it is operated by the school only.

Inside is an industrial standard filtration machine that takes the normal water supply and….

………..and can deliver 600 litres of cystal clear filtered water in an hour.

The event proceeded with speeches and more dancing, here Chris Dickinson and Mukunda Raj Shrestha are enjoying the spectacle

Vicki McLeod presented the school with a display and other items from Rowlands Gill Primary School, including profiles from a class of pupils, written by the pupils themselves. We hope that Rowlands Gill and Narayani Schools will enjoy their contact with each other.

The whole of the visiting party, L to R Vicki McLeod in front of four teachers, including Sabitri Lamsal next to William McLeod, father Don behind him, Jamie Peden, Chris Dickinson with Murray Peden behind him, Robbie McLeod with John Peden behind him, Ben McLeod, Mandy and Callum Peden and finally Resham Bahadur Ranabhat, the Head Teacher.

A wonderful day and thanks once again to Claire and Dave, all their friends and family who helped and everyone at Rowlands Gill who helped make this day become a reality for the community at Narayani Primary School.

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We are indebted to the members of Hawking House, at Swanmore College of Technology, in Hampshire for selecting Nepal Schools Trust as a charity to support last year, raising the wonderful total of £431.95

Click HERE to see the school’s page on its fine fund raising efforts.

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This year we found a wholesale supplier of games equipment in Narayangadh, a nearby town, and filled three tin trunks with a variety of games, including badminton, cricket, skipping, and football.
The boxes being rickshawed through the street to the local bus service!

These were given to three schools, Narayani Primary School, Nawa Nepal Primary School and Surya Kiran Primary School.

If this proves to be successful we may be able to equip more schools in the future.

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On this day trustees Chris Dickinson, and Don McLeod with his family, received a wonderful welcome at Milijuli Primary School to celebrate the progress towards building a new school to replace the bamboo, mud and grass structure currently in use. The new building can be seen in the background. You can see a short video of this visit by clicking HERE

As usual, it seemed like the whole community had turned out to welcome us.

We were also treated to lunch…..a wonderful dalbhat, traditional food of Nepal.

Earlier in November, Chris had visited to check on progress …..seen here between the head teacher (L) and chairman (R) at Milijuli.

To help the school further, Chris awarded another grant, to continue the work, much to the delight of these youngsters who will soon enjoy learning inside it.

By December the work had moved forward again, making use of the funds we had provided and we are very hopeful that the community can raise the funds needed to finish the ground floor of the school in 2012 and bring it into use.

In the picture above you can see the current school building in the background.

You can see a short video of this visit by clicking HERE

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Don McLeod, new trustee, took his whole family, and their relatives, the Peden family from Oban, to see Nepal and the work of Nepal Schools Trust in December 2011.

On their journey to the district we help they enjoyed adventures……..and many wonderful sights……….including………..

The medieval city of Bhakatapur with its wonderful temples…….

Lake Phewa Tal at Pokhara, close to the Annapurna Range……..

…….where they also cycled up Sarangkot to see the majestic peaks

Like the Fishtail Peak………………….

Before setting off on a journey down the Kali Gandaki River by raft……….

Navigating the rapids for nearly three days………..

Camping on sandy beaches………………

Eating wonderful camp food cooked by our guide Mukunda…..

Soaking up sun during the day, although the trip included one raft flip!!
Playing at being captain of the raft……….

Until the peak of Devchuli came into view and……………

We started a trek through the Mahabharat Range of mountains………….

Crossing paddy fields, rivers with our porters ………………….

Following ridges and…………………..

Setting camp for the night…………………

Passing through mountain villages………….

Eventually to a base camp below Devchuli Peak……………

From where we all climbed to the peak to see the unparalelled panaorama…….

Of the majestic Himalayas to the north.

Finally it was time to descend to the south towards Pragatinagar………

To the beautiful village of Kirtipur………………

Where we received a warm welcome from the local community…………

Before starting our visit to the schools that are helped by Nepal Schools Trust.

I would like to thank Don and John and their families for taking the time to come to Nepal and explore the countryside that leads to the area we work and share experience of seeing how the funds that Nepal Schools Trust has raised are making a difference in Pragatinagar and Devchuli.

I would also like to thank them for their fund raising and donations and I know that they went on to enjoy visits to Chitwan National Park, where they saw rhinos, elephants and crocodiles, and Kathmandu, capital of Nepal.

Chris Dickinson, Chairman.